Sleep Dentistry

At Mends Street Dental we offer our patients treatment under General Anaesthetic at South Bank Day Surgery in South Perth.  General Anaesthetia is given by a specialist Anaesthetist and is available and offered for patients who require wisdom teeth removal, do not want to remain awake during surgery or for patients who are extremely nervous and require extensive dental treatment.

Patients of Mends Street Dental can also experience ‘sleep dentistry’ at our surgery, where a specialist Anaesthetist gives a combination of sedative and pain relieving drugs  intravenously.  The anaesthetic places you in a state of sleep for the entire duration of your dental procedure.  When you wake up you have no memory of drilling, smells, or needles. You just feel like you have had a very deep and satisfying sleep.

‘Sleep Dentistry’ removes the worry for patients requiring extensive dental care, surgical procedures such as wisdom teeth removal or dental implants and provides painless,  comfortable dentistry.