Wanting Dental Implants

Wanting Dental Implants? Too expensive??

Don’t fly to Thailand or Bali, you can get affordable dental implants at Mends Street Dental Surgery here in South Perth.

We understand that traditionally implants have been very expensive which has caused a lot of patients to look elsewhere and offshore for their treatment. But there is no need to travel anymore! You can avoid the chance of having complications due to compromised hygiene, infection or poor treatment by staying in Perth and having the surgery done at Mends Street Dental Surgery.

Australia has one of the highest standards for dental hygiene and infection control in the world and emergency care during and after treatment is available if something should go wrong.

Avoid the disappointment and possible unsatisfied outcome by choosing the safer option and staying here in Perth. At Mends Street Dental Surgery our dental implants are competitively priced and you are able to claim on your health insurance which enables you to save even more.

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