Available from Mends Street Dental Surgery. Give your teeth the extra care they need.

What is Tooth Mousse?

Tooth Mousse is a topically applied mineral supplement for teeth. It’s a great tasting cream that contains a milk protein called Recaldent that protects and strengthens teeth in a similar way to proteins in saliva, which we recognize are essential for strong teeth and a healthy oral environment.

This protein enters the teeth and makes them more resistant to decay and less sensitive to temperature. It also helps restore the appearance of demineralized tooth enamel.

Who should be using it?

Using Tooth Mousse can also help reverse the early effects of decay, potentially avoiding the need for fillings!
It can be especially beneficial for children for their developing teeth

but also for pregnant women suffering the ill effects of increased acidity in the mouth. Our ageing (gracefully) population are also at risk due to salivary flow and quality disturbances brought on by medications and disease. Of course, this always relies on early identification and treatment.

If you are concerned about increased acidity and need more information about your personal situation, please ask one of the friendly team here at Mends Street Dental to discuss your options.

Available in 5 flavours: Strawberry, Mint, Melon, Vanilla and Tutti Frutti.